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NICE Consulting provides a variety of consulting and capacity building services customized to meet the needs of clients in Tanzania and in the regional markets. The aim is to provide affordable client-centered services using our competent teams of consultants in developing tailor-made programs in building clients' capabilities, productivities and improving their respective industries.


We provide expert or strategic advice and related services for consideration and decision-making.

We work with charities, social enterprises and membership and chartered bodies to design solutions with implementation in mind, so change can be delivered rapidly and successfully. Our focus is on achieving real results for our clients, making them more impactful, agile and competitive.

How we can help:

Embed your strategy – We work as your trusted advisor to help shape and make your transformation strategy a reality.

ü Create a clear line of sight – We support you to review and prioritize your change initiatives, aligned to your strategy ensuring they will deliver clear outcomes and the required behavioral changes.

ü Review your organization design and operating model – Helping you to select the right design and operating model that sets your organization up for success and makes the best use of your resources. We can also support transition and implementation if required.

ü Services and Projects reviews – Is your projects and service mix fit for the future?  We can support your teams to undertake a review to ensure you maximize out of the scarce resource to support your stakeholders and beneficiaries.

ü Work with your team to ensure change lands successfully – We’ll use our experience of change implementation to engage and energize your teams, embracing change and delivering a return on your investment and funding.

ü Breathe new life into challenging projects – Rescue tricky, complex, stagnating or failing projects with a cost-efficient and flexible resource model to increase your capability when your permanent teams are stretched.

ü Capitalize on digital technology – We can guide you through the selection and implementation of technology so that you become more efficient, more agile and are set up to get better results.

·       Get the best from your staff and trustees – We can help with recruitment, retention, training, leadership and strategies to engage your staff and volunteers.


The consulting, and development services which we can competently provide include the following:

     i.       Strategic Business development; Business internal processes re-engineering; marketing strategies development and improvement; and Competitive strategies design and development:

   ii.        Consultancy on systems, frameworks and building the Management capacity for CSO;

  iii.        Competence-based learning solutions in schools;

  iv.       21st Century educational leadership and practices;

   v.        Strategic planning and execution strategies through Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for Corporates and CSOs;

  vi.       Project Planning and Development solutions;

vii.        Hands-on Skills for social enterprises development for Youths;

viii.        Volunteers development and engagement for CSOs;

  ix.       Corporate sustainability solutions;

   x.        Change management and practices through Theory of Change; and

  xi.       Life skills and career development for youths


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