Need Assessments And Evaluation

Need Assessments And Evaluation

Are Are you a business/ Organization/ institution or company looking to improve your performance, efficiency, or profitability? Is something holding you back? Not sure what it is? Don’t know where to start?

NICE Tanzania's team uses an evidence-based, data-driven approach to assessment. We also adapt the coaching approach to the needs and preferences of each specific client.

It’s important to know and study the organization need, as we understand needs assessment is the “what” (what the organization needs) that precedes the gap analysis, which is the “how” (how to close the gap between where the organization is currently and where they want or need to be).

These gaps can exist in either knowledge, practices, or skills. Knowing what is working well and what needs to be changed is crucial to progressing effectively towards those goals and making an organization successful.


NICE Tanzania specializes in asset and needs assessment, outcomes measurement, and technical assistance for governmental organizations, foundations, nonprofits, companies, and coalitions.

Assessment is a powerful tool for gaining information while also engaging key constituencies. We can provide targeted assessment through focus groups, community forums, surveys, and individual interviews to dive deeply into issues, gain qualitative and quantitative data, and engage community stakeholders. We use an asset-based approach to call out and celebrate community assets that can be deployed to overcome challenges and spark innovative new approaches. We conduct single-issue assessments as well as broad, community-wide priority assessments.

We utilize surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and town hall meetings to collect quantitative and qualitative data around assets and issues. We then code and organize the data and facilitate your utilization of the data for planning and goal setting.


Our consultants and assessors are certified in the best-in-class assessments those top global companies most commonly used for executive coaching, training, and capacity building. Depending on the situation, our coaches may recommend one or more of the following tools:

·       Personality Assessments 

·       Multi-rater (360°) Feedback

·       Team Assessments 

We Perform a Needs Assessment then we conduct the review to Determine the Educational Gaps in knowledge, skills or practice:

We then figure out What is the best practice? Determine Purpose of the Activity & &Program objectives and Design

Further, we do Course Development and implementation strategy set activities, steps, and procedures later we establish the framework to Evaluate the Activity, process, steps, and procedures

You can Consult us by filling the form and we might do it for you Need Assessment free of charge.



Project Review and Recovery

Our consulting services are designed to provide the best advice to help your organization or project. Our consulting approach includes an assessment designed to discover the root cause of problems and devise a range of appropriate solutions:

·       Assessment and Analysis: Our consultants can help you identify the root causes of your project management problems. We help identify the real problems beyond the symptoms and effects that draw complaints. By identifying root causes, we work with your team to analyze the problem from different perspectives and chart the desired level of practices, operations, and capabilities under a project management maturity framework your organization should achieve.

·       Recommendations and Solutions: We help you identify potential approaches to solve problems. We utilize a participative approach for the creation of ideas designed to build ownership of the solution. We make recommendations based on our extensive practice, and offer you the best approach to implement the chosen solution. We help you develop a long-term strategy that will incorporate a roadmap and key milestones to monitor your progress and achieve the expected benefits supplemented by the identification of short-term opportunities and quick wins to help alleviate the most pressing issues and challenges that need immediate attention.

·       Support and Implementation: We can help your organization implement the identified solutions and develop a customized methodology that fits your organizational culture and allows for growth and flexibility. Supporting the implementation of the recommendations includes the services of training and coaching your staff on the new methodologies and processes designed for your organization. Rather than using generic course material, we customize our training content to fit your environment, using your policies, forms, and tools to enable your teams to immediately start applying their new skills.


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