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NAMA Integrated Centre for Excellence (NICE) is a Not-for-Profit-Sharing (NFP) company limited by Guarantee, registered in Tanzania with registration number 138-248-127.

NICE is the social enterprise that provides sustainable solutions for business development and consultancy to the corporate companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). 

The company is multi-sectorial in nature due to its embracing a wide range of professional consultants with experiences and expertise in its areas of competencies. NICE Tanzania accumulates its experiences from more than 60 long-serving and experienced consultants offering services as one team, making it among the best consulting firms in the market.

Customers working with NICE is guaranteed with holistic, customized, and best solutions at affordable prices compared to other service providers available in the market. This is justifiable because NICE is a social enterprise established to serve the wider communities with the best solutions which would be thought to be exclusively for well-to-do companies and CSOs.

Thus, NICE has all it takes to provide the best services and solutions to all clients’ ranges on holistic and customized approach from training and development, simulation, consultancy, to mentoring and coaching.

Our products are customized to meet different requirements not only for the government and private sector but also the third sectors (CSOs) based on proven international best practices.

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